Sex with two good blonde girlfriends set on broken XXL

Sex with two good blonde girlfriends set on broken XXL

“Come on in, Karen. I’m back in the kitchen visiting with my brother.”“Oh, I’m sorry, Nancy. I didn’t mean to interrupt anything. I was just going to say ‘hi’ before the kids get home from school.”“Come in,” Nancy said again. “I’d like you to meet my brother.”Walking into the kitchen, the two women saw Nancy’s brother sitting at the island with a glass of iced tea.“Karen, this is my brother, Jake Hobson. Jake, this is my neighbor, Karen Blackwell,” Nancy said in the way of introductions. “Jake’s here on an assignment and will be here about six weeks.”Reaching out her hand to the handsome stranger, Karen said, “It’s nice to meet you, Jake. What are you assigned to do?”Taking Karen’s hand, Jake looked into her blue eyes. “I’ve been sent here to study you.”“Oh, shit, Jake,” Nancy laughed. “Don’t start hitting on my neighbor in the first two minutes. You could at least wait an hour or two.”“Why would I want to waste time when the opportunity is right in front of me?” he said while still holding Karen’s hand. “Beauty should be enjoyed when seen.”Karen blushed. “Thank you, Mr. Hobson,” she muttered.“It’s Jake,” he said, still holding her hand and admiring her short blonde hair and lovely blue eyes.Karen hesitantly pulled her hand back, looking at Nancy.“My bullshit brother works for a company in New York that has sent him down here to investigate some land purchase possibilities. He’s overpaid, underworked and always a sniffing dog.”Looking back at Jake, Karen said, “It’s been a while since anyone has flirted with me. I think I rather enjoy it.”“See, Nancy. Karen has just admitted that she appreciates a little uninvited attention.”“I just don’t know what to do with you,” Nancy huffed. Turning to Karen, she said, “We were just discussing where Jake will stay while he’s here. His company is giving him a daily expense allowance. We were thinking of places for him to stay that will be convenient to the locations where he has to work.”“Why not stay here with you?” Karen asked.“There are a couple of problems with that option,” Nancy replied with a frown. “You know my husband is a big-time democrat. Jake is one of only fifteen republicans in New York. Bill and Jake get into political arguments within five minutes. To tell you the truth, Jake is a lot more mentally agile than my Bill and their discussions can get loud and acrimonious.”Looking back at Jake’s handsome and smiling face, Karen offered, “Then why don’t you stay with me? My ex-husband had an office in the basement. It’s a big room with a bed and desk. There’s a private bathroom just outside the door.”“That’s an interesting thought,” Nancy allowed. “He’ll be gone most days working. You have a walkout basement, so you’d hardly see him. You could even charge him rent.”“If you’d like to see the space, I’ll show it to you,” Karen told Jake. “It really is a nice space. My ex lived there for almost eighteen months while we were getting a divorce. He fixed it up nicely.”Standing up, Jake said, “Sure. I’d like to see it. Then I could visit with my sister when her idiot husband is away.”“He is not an idiot,” Nancy grunted.“Hey, idiot… democrat… the words are interchangeable,” Jake laughed.Walking out the front door, Jake followed Karen. It took only seconds for him to ascertain that Karen had a fantastic butt. Her legs were toned without a hint of fat. He had already seen that her chest was well developed. Living in a house with a divorced woman could offer some bonus opportunities.Pointing out the room, Jake walked in to find a nicely furnished large room. At one end, it had a queen-sized bed with a nightstand and lamp. At the other end, a large desk and chair. The doorway to the room opened near the head of the bed, but a bookcase had been placed there for some privacy.Karen showed him the bathroom. It was easily as large as any hotel he had used with an oversized walk-in shower.“This is nice, Karen,” Jake told his hostess. “What would you charge me to stay here?”“Oh, my, I just don’t have any idea,” she replied. “If you like it, just move your things in and make yourself comfortable. We can discuss the rent later. It will be nice to have a man in the house again.”“How long has he been gone?”“Almost a year now,” Karen answered. “He wasn’t much, but he is the father of my two wonderful children and we share custody. They spend every other weekend with him as well as every Wednesday night. The girls are six and eight. I’ll try to keep them upstairs, but they do sometimes like to watch television in the back room down here.”“Do you work outside the home?” he asked.“I’m a writer,” Karen answered as she led him back up the steps. “I write children’s books and work with an illustrator that lives nearby. We publish four to five books a year, but I generally work from my desk upstairs.”At the top of the stairs, Karen said, “Obviously, this is the kitchen. Feel free to use it at any time. There is a mini-fridge in your closet downstairs, but you can certainly keep anything you want up here. There’s a wet bar over there. Use it as you wish.”The front door crashed open and two young girls came running in but stopped dead in their tracks when they spotted Jake. “Is he our new daddy?” the little one asked.Bending down to hug them, Karen laughed. “No, girls. This is Mr. Hobson. He’s going to be staying in the basement room for a few weeks. He’s Ms. Nancy’s brother.”The little one looked up. “He’s pretty,” she said with a smile that showed a toothless gap.With her hand on the oldest child’s head, Karen said, “Mr. Hobson, this is my oldest daughter, April. The one with the loudmouth is May.”April held out her hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Hobson. I’m eight years old and I’m in the third grade.” Pointing at her little sister, April said, “May is six and she’s in first grade.”“It’s very nice to meet you,” Jake said with a warm smile as he leaned in toward them.“You girls run upstairs and put your things away and change your clothes. Then we’ll have a little treat,” Karen directed them.Turning back to Jake, Karen said, “Come and go as you please. Tomorrow I’ll get you a key to the house. I hope you’ll enjoy staying here. I know that I’ll enjoy having an adult around. The girls go to bed at 7:30. Then you’re free to use the television in the family room.”To her surprise, Jake leaned forward and hugged her. “Thanks, Karen,” he said as his strong hands pressed against her back. “I’ll do my best not to interfere with your routine.” Shortly after 8:00 that night, Karen tapped lightly on the door to Jake’s room. “Are you settling in?”“Yes, I am, thanks. I noticed your washer and dryer just across from the bathroom. Is it OK for me to use them now and then?”“Of course,” she replied with a big smile. “I want you to make yourself at home. I’m going into the family room to watch some television before bedtime. Join me if you’d like.”“Thanks, Karen,” he told her. “But I’m going to hook up my computer and work out a travel routine between my worksites. I want something prepared for tomorrow morning.” As she turned to go, Jake asked, “Have you thought about the rent yet?”“Not quite,” she said with a grin.At 10:30, Jake decided to take a shower and go to bed.At 11:00, he was about to turn off the bedside lamp when he heard footsteps on the stairs. A few seconds later, Karen appeared at the foot of his bed. She was partially in the dark, but he could see she was wearing what appeared to be a long sleeve, white dress shirt that exposed her bare legs.“I’ve been thinking about the rent,” she said. “I believe that I’d rather have a barter arrangement than an exchange of cash. If you pay me, I’ll have to pay taxes.”“What kind of barter were you thinking,” Jake asked, thinking that she might want him to cut the grass or some similar task.Karen walked to the side of the bed and looked down at him.Jake could now see that she was wearing a satin shirt with buttons, made to look like a dress shirt. The top button was undone, exposing a lot of cleavage. The bottom of the shirt barely covered her girlie bits.Karen pulled the sheet back that covered him. She rested her hand on his package, squeezing his member gently. “I was thinking that you could perform some services for me that wouldn’t be too distasteful. My husband wasn’t much of a lover, but my sense is you know your way around.”Any man who tells you he can control his cock is dishonest. Jake’s member began to grow in her hand.Karen unbuttoned her nightshirt with her free hand, allowing it to fall open and expose her bare skin. “I’ve had to take care of myself for the last couple of years using my fingers or toys. The idea of enjoying one of these makes my blood boil,” she said while again squeezing his growing cock.Jake slipped his hand inside Karen’s shirt, resting it on her hip. As she leaned a bit, he could clearly see her beautiful breasts. ‘How could a man leave something so perfect?’ Jake thought.Karen managed to pull Jake’s cock outside his boxers. “Oh yes!” she sighed, wrapping her hand around his hot skin. Her fingers didn’t quite reach all the way around his shaft. Gliding her hand gently up and down his erection, she whispered, “It’s beautiful,” as she lowered her head and kissed the tip.Jake let his hand slip down low enough to cup her ass cheek as he attempted to move her to a position where she could take his cock into her mouth.Holding his cock firmly, Karen rubbed the head across her face and licked the underside with her wet, velvety tongue. “Fuck,” Karen whispered as she pulled the domed head between her lips and moaned. After swirling her tongue around it for a while, she pulled back up straight, staring into Jake’s eyes. Without saying a word, Karen tugged on his boxers until he lifted his butt up, letting her pull them off.Karen stood back, looking at the stiff rod as if she were worshiping it. Climbing up on the bed, Karen straddled Jake, placing her pussy just an inch over his cock. She looked into his eyes as she slowly lowered herself until she felt the tip of his dick press into her dripping hole. Her eyes closed as she fully enveloped his cock.Halfway into her, Karen groaned, “This is so fucking good!”When he was entirely inside her, Karen opened her eyes, touched his cheek and whispered, “I’m not a whore, Jake. I just had to have this. You don’t have to kiss me or say you love me. I just need your cock filling me.”Karen sat up straight, pulling off her shirt. Still holding Jake’s eyes with her own, she began to slip back and forth. As she picked up speed, she cupped her breasts with her hands and smiled. “I’ve never had a cock as big as yours,” she gasped. “It’s stretching me wide and I’m going to cum very quickly.”Jake put his hands on her hips, pulling himself even deeper and moving her faster.“Oh fuck,” she moaned as her entire body trembled.Jake could feel her fluids running out and covering his pelvis and balls. When Karen stopped trembling and opened her eyes, Jake rolled her over on her back without pulling out. When she locked her feet behind his thighs, Jake put his nose an inch from hers. “You wanted to get really fucked, right?”“Yes,” she gasped.“If that’s what you want… tell me.”“I want you, Jake,” she said in a husky whisper. “I want you to fuck me. Please, fuck me!”Holding himself up so that she could see his face, Jake rammed it in and out of her dripping pussy like a piston. Karen was so wet he moved through her like a well-oiled machine.“Oh my god,” she gasped as another orgasm washed over her.Jake didn’t stop or slow down. The piston continued its work.“Oh fuck!” she gasped as another orgasm racked her body while Jake did not slow down. When she could think again, Karen put her arms around Jake’s neck. “Cum inside me, Jake. I need to feel it again.”Three more deep strokes and Jake thrust deeply into her, growling as he blasted her full of his spunk. When finished, he lay down beside Karen, breathing hard. “Is that what you wanted?” he managed to say.“Yes, thank you, Jake,” Karen said with a smile. “That was absolutely wonderful. Never in my life have I had so many orgasms. I feel like my insides are shaking.”“So,” he said as his fingers squeezed her nipple. “Is this how I’m going to pay my rent?”“It seems like a workable system to me,” she said. “Unless I’m not up to your standard in women, I think this would work.”“You are a beautiful and sexy woman, Karen,” he told her. “Why aren’t you out finding someone to share your bed?”“I accepted a very restrictive divorce agreement,” Karen explained. “While my ex and I share supervision, should my children find me involved sexually with a man, he would assume sole custody.”“Do those rules apply to him as well?”“Yes, they do, but he’s way too clever to get caught.”Rolling back on top of her, Jake asked, “How old are you?”Karen was distracted because she could feel his semi-hard cock resting between her legs and only an inch from her cum coated pussy. “I’m almost 36,” she finally answered. “We got married when I was 25 and divorced at 34. He was never any good at sex, but he was good enough to keep me from fooling around. To tell the truth, I had never even thought of having sex with another man before we started talking about separation.”“As
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you suggested,” he smiled. “I have been around. I know women who enjoy sex and women who crave it. In the world of desirable women, Karen, you are a star.”“Perhaps while you’re here, you could teach me some things,” she said with a grin.“Give me the rules,” Jake said as he pushed his cock to the edge of her opening.Opening her legs for him, Karen said, “We can never let the children see us so much as touching. When they go to their Dad’s house on Wednesday, you can bet the first thing he’ll hear is that Mom has a man sleeping in the basement. We must be almost formal around my girls. You can never be seen without a shirt or pants.”“What else?” he asked as the head of his hardening cock slipped inside her ready opening.With her eyes closed, Karen whispered, “No fair asking me questions when I’m being distracted.”“Would you like me to take it out?”“No!” she said as she wrapped her legs around him. “If we are going to continue to do this, it will have to be down here in your room. You must never go above the ground floor so that I can truthfully say that you’ve never been in my bedroom.”“I can accept those terms. Do you want to hear mine?”“Yes… please.”“I don’t play games,” he said while pushing deeper into her. “You will always tell me what you want and I’ll do the same to you. When we’re together, you’ll tell me how you feel and if you desire something different. We will be free and honest. But most importantly, you will NOT tell my sister what we’re doing together. Do you accept my terms?”“Yes, Jake, I do. You have my word.”Jake picked her ass up off the bed and pushed his cock inside her as deeply as it would go.Karen’s eyes were wide. “Never in my years married did my husband have sex with me more than once a night.”“I’m not your wimpy husband,” he said as he began to move. “Your body is too perfect to use only once. Do you have a favored position?”“I’ve always like doggie,” she giggled. “But my ex wouldn’t do it because he said it would lead to anal sex.”Pulling out of her, Jake quickly spun Karen over on her tummy and then lifted her ass in the air. With her legs spread wide, he pushed inside her again, licked his thumb and circled it around her puckered opening. “He was right about that,” Jake told her. “Any man that sees this ass of yours is going to want to fuck it. But, I think we’ll work our way up to it.” Jake began to thrust into her again.Karen was filled with cock, but she was also filled with joy. She knew that Jake was the man she had wanted all her life. If anyone could fulfill her desires, it was him. “Yes, baby! Fuck me!” The following evening at 7:20, Jake came up from the basement wearing shorts and a polo shirt. Karen was cleaning up in the kitchen. She smiled at him and asked what he needed.“I just came up to make a drink,” he said as he walked to the wet bar.“The children will be going to bed at 7:30 if you’d like to watch television.”“Thank you, Mrs. Blackwell,” Jake said loud enough for the children in the next room to hear him. He fixed his drink before walking back to the kitchen. “Is there something you’d like to see on TV after bedtime?”“No,” she answered. “Once I get the girls settled in, I plan to do some reading before I go to bed. Please feel free to watch anything you want. I’m guessing you’ll be in bed by 11:00.”“That’s my plan,” he replied with a grin.“It’s bedtime, girls,” Karen called out. “Come and tell Mr. Hobson goodnight.”The children stopped and smiled up at Jake. “We’ll be at our daddy’s house tomorrow night. Maybe you can visit with Mom. She gets lonely when we’re gone.”“Thank you for letting me know,” Jake replied. “I’ll see if I can help out.”Karen went upstairs with her daughters while Jake went back downstairs to his room. He wondered if Karen would come back to see him later. She had said nothing to indicate she would. Perhaps she’d had enough attention last night to satisfy her needs.At 11:00, Jake looked up to see Karen standing at the foot of his bed. He watched as she dropped the nightie she was wearing to the floor. Totally naked, she strolled to his side of the bed, looked down and pulled back the sheet. She was delighted to see that he was wearing nothing but an erection. Leaning over, she took the head of his cock into her mouth and moaned.Jake growled as men do with that exquisite feeling of having their cock immersed in a hot, wet mouth. Karen moved so that her feet were beside his face and her nether region near his mouth.“What a nice way to begin our play,” he told her before running his tongue through her slit. On Wednesday, when Jake returned from work, Karen was waiting for him in the kitchen. He was delighted to see she was wearing the nightie she’d worn the previous night briefly. There was no question she was naked underneath. “The girls are gone to their Dad’s for the night. Is there anything I can get you to eat?”“I’d like the same thing you served me last night,” he answered with a grin.Karen’s smile beamed. Then pointing toward the family room, she said, “I’ve made us a special place to watch TV on the floor. I thought you might enjoy watching some porn and using me until I can’t walk.”Jake walked up to her, putting his hands on her shoulders and spun her around. “Why wait that long,” he whispered in her ear. Putting his hands under her gown, he cupped her breasts. “I think we should start right here.”When the tip of his cock found her pussy, he was delighted to find it dripping wet and ready for him.When they finally went to bed, Jake wondered if there was any skin left on his dick. He knew he had four orgasms. She must have had at least eight. With no one in the house but the two of them, Karen had been extremely loud and appreciative of his performance. He couldn’t help but wonder if she was releasing ten years of frustration. This routine kept its rapid pace for three weeks. Every night after the children were asleep, Karen was in Jake’s bed. She was careful about making noise but seemingly more eager each night. The first weekend the children spent with their father, he picked them up at 6:00 on Friday. Karen had told Jake of the pickup schedule and he waited until 6:30 to come home.She greeted Jake as she had the first Wednesday night they were alone. Except this time, he was barely inside the front door when she threw herself on him, smothering him with kisses. She took off Jake’s shirt and tore at his trousers. When she exposed his stiff cock, Karen dropped to her knees, saying, “Yes. Yes. God, this is what I want.”When Jake pulled Karen to her feet, she turned and bent over the stairs, spreading her legs apart. She looked over her shoulder, rasping, “Fuck me right here, Jake. Hurry, baby, I need that big cock.”Always the gentleman, Jake did as she requested, grabbing a handful of her blonde hair and sinking his stiff rod into her depths. She made so much noise he knew the neighbors must have heard. When he was finished, she lay spent on the stairs, cum running down her thighs and mumbling something about wanting more.Several minutes later, they were standing naked in the kitchen. Jake pulled Karen to him. “This weekend, we’ll break some new ground and do some things we haven’t done.”“Like what?” she asked with a grin. “I’m game for anything. Anything you want, Jake. I’m yours.”“The first thing,” he said as he squeezed her butt cheeks, “is pleasure me with your mouth.”“That’s the first thing I ever did to you,” she responded, not understanding his point.“Oh, you’ve played with my cock in your mouth but never completely finished what you started.”“Oh!” she said, getting his drift. “You want to cum in my mouth. I’ve never done that before.”“You’re 35 years old and never totally sated a man’s desire. It’s time for you to learn the joy that most women your age have experienced. Every man wants his woman to be so excited that she’ll take his load, swallow it and ask for more. We’ll start with that this weekend.”“I’ll look forward to the experience,” she replied with a grin. “What else?”“I plan to take your anal cherry,” he said as he squeezed her ass cheeks again. “If you don’t like it, we’ll only do it once. However, I believe you’ll enjoy it and beg for more.”“I believe everything you tell me, Jake, but your cock is really big. I don’t think it will fit in my ass.”“Oh, it will,” he assured her. “And I’ll go slow and easy until you insist I fuck you hard.”After they had something to eat and drank a few glasses of wine, Jake pulled Karen into the family room. He sat on the edge of the oversized easy chair and spread his legs, exposing his growing cock. “Get on your knees and worship my cock,” he commanded. With her eyes glued to his dick, he watched as she dropped a pillow between his knees and melted down on it as her hands grasped his cock.“I love this cock,” she whispered. “I will please it and you.”Karen did everything she’d ever done orally to Jake’s manhood. Jake felt like she was getting more excited, knowing what would happen at the end. Karen would be taking his big load in her mouth rather than in her pussy or on her tits for the first time. The longer she worked, the louder she became. Her hands flew up and down his shaft as her mouth worked the large head. She had been with him enough to know when he was near his climax and swallowed as much of his cock as she could.At first, the blast of hot cream shocked Karen, but the following discharges excited her. With his last shot, Karen stuffed two fingers in her pussy and reached her own orgasm. When she felt Jake’s cock begin to shrink, she let it slip out of her mouth, making it clear to him that she was swallowing his deposit.Leaning against the back of the chair, Jake simply raised an eyebrow as if asking a question.“It was wonderful,” she said with a bright smile. “Now I feel like I’ve been cheated all these years by not having done it before.”They cuddled up on their unique floor bed and turned on porn movies. As they watched, she continued stroking Jake’s cock, hoping to get it ready for another round. Jake took the remote and switched to a film featuring anal sex. Karen observed, noticing how the women seemed to be enjoying themselves. The fact that the men in the scenes had large cocks did not escape her.Jake produced a bottle of lube. “This is the greatest stuff in the world,” he told her. “It’s sort of the sex world’s WD-40.” He moved her so that she was half reclined but still able to see the screen. As she watched, he covered one finger and slowly inserted it in her ass. “Just relax and watch the screen,” he instructed her.When she started to enjoy the feeling, Jake slipped in a second finger and then a third. To Karen’s surprise, the third finger felt quite good and she was anxious for something larger and longer.Deciding she was ready, Jake flipped over on his back, his cock pointed at the ceiling fan above them. “Now, I want you to get on top in cowgirl position. Just start the way we always do, but when you’re ready, move my wet cock back to your ass.”As usual, Jake’s cock felt magical inside her. Karen happily rocked back and forth until she felt Jake press some additional lube on her pucker. She lifted up and moved into position to take his gift.“Easy, baby,” he whispered. “Go slow. We’re in no hurry. Just take a little bit at a time until you feel like you can take more.”Karen was scared but also very excited. She could hear the women’s voices in the films running behind her, begging their men for more. Once she got the head of his cock inside her ass, Karen decided the rest would be easy. She took an inch at a time, pausing to adjust to his size in her depths. When she had taken all of him, Karen’s eyes were large with excitement. She looked at Jake as if to ask, “Now what?”“Now fuck me,” he growled. “Fuck me and feel your world change!”It was almost ten minutes before Karen had an earth-shaking, body trembling, screaming orgasm. And just as Jake had said, when she finally calmed down, she said, “Can we do it again, please?” When Jake’s six weeks in the area ended, he and Karen parted with promises to see each other again. He promised to find a hotel between where they lived so they could spend her free weekends together. Jake gave her a gift of two butt plugs and a remotely operated vibrating toy with instructions to call him on Wednesday night so they could have phone sex. She cried as he drove away.Getting to the end of the street, Jake decided he should say goodbye to his sister, whom he had all but ignored while taking care of Karen.As he walked in her front door, Jake said, “Hi, sis. I just stopped to tell you I’m going back home. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you more while I was here.”“That’s fine,” she said, touching his cheek. “As long as you took care of Karen, that’s all that matters.”“You knew what we were doing?” he asked in shock.“I didn’t know exactly, but it wasn’t difficult to figure out,” she grinned. “Karen has been after me for six months to have sex with her because she was climbing the walls horny. When you told me that you were coming down here for six weeks, I just set things up so that you could take care of her. I’m not opposed to lesbians, but I prefer a dick. Thanks for taking one for the home team, Jake.”Jake hugged his sister. “With any luck, I’ll take one for the team again.” 

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