A Mature Blonde Is Penetrated In The Pussy By An 18 Year Old Amateur

A Mature Blonde Is Penetrated In The Pussy By An 18 Year Old Amateur

She wore her hair long but had it pulled back behind her head in a ponytail that day. As the long legged beauty with hips which didn’t quit and an ass for each and everyone to look at, Terra pulled in and got out of her 14 year old pickup truck. They saw her almost immediately and either slowed down what they were doing or just stopped everything altogether so they could watch her “saunter” back behind her truck to get her tools and put them on. It was as if it was all slow motion as the hands and arms pulled them from the bed and moved and latched them on to her body. All bodies at the job site practically stopped what they were doing as the 25 year old slender beauty collected her tools and latched them on to her slim but strong frame of a body, which with that t-shirt she wore that day made her look no different. Terra was a tall 5’ 10” woman who knew all about the world of carpentry. She was slender as ever but also carried a bust which made men stop in their tracks so they would look. By this point of her life she was used to it. She couldn’t help what god gave her in terms of an incredibly awesome body frame. It was the way it was. Nice shoulders, good looking boobs, slim as ever, and those hips and that ass had every male in the area looking at her as if she was their prized recruit. Nevertheless, she walked towards the site with her lusciously wide hips supporting her tool belt along with a countless set of eyes to help back her up and then some. She knew it. She could not do a thing about it. It was the way it was. However, she had to agree. She also liked her figure. Thanks to construction like this it would be hard to keep herself in great shape but she maintained it and she did it soooo darn well. “Good morning Terra,” her boss said. “How’s it going this morning?” “Good sir,” she said. “Where do you want me at this morning?” she asked in a monotone tone of voice. He knew exactly where and smiled. She knew probably what he was thinking as she looked at him as if trying to read his face. His thoughts: How about over at my place? We could spend time showering and playing around. Then you can let me go a little further and… and then she interrupted his train of thought. “Sir?” she said. “Where do you want me to start at?” He told her. She walked over and climbed the ladder and began doing her job. Still all eyes were still aware of this long legged beauty as she pounded nail after nail after nail. And she did it with great speed and dexterity. All eyes, as they worked on their areas, kept on watching her as if she was going to stop, and decide on one of them to take her home to bed her down. Not in a million years because Terra was on a job for only 30 hours a week. In the meantime Terra went to school. She was working on getting a degree in business and construction management. She carried a 3.80 GPA while working and doing other things, at home, but mainly she went to work or went to school. However, finally it was winter. There wasn’t any work for her. And she was on vacation for a while so she really didn’t have anything to do. She didn’t entertain. She didn’t go out and party. She’d go online to a point. She’d write or read her diary entries from the past. What was that? She has diary entries? Yes, Terra has diary entries, and she loved reliving the past so to speak. One day she pulled up the most legendary one she had and reread it again. It was seven years ago that it happened to her. This was not the first time she’d read it. However, each time she read it the same thing always happened to her. And this is what she loved about it the most. “Here I am,” it began. “I’m smiling too. He is soooo terrific. He is, oh my lord, incredibly wonderful. I think I am in love. No, I am in love with him. I could do this over and over with him. Run away, up into the hills, into that grove of trees, and do what we just do. Let me explain.” She took a sip of water. “His name is Jarrod. He’s three years older then I am but he doesn’t seem like it. I’ve been here for 2 days now. He just got here late yesterday. When he walked in for supper last night our eyes met. I remember that well. I was thinking holy mother of god. He is so damn cute. And that smile of his. Ohhhhhh wow, look at it. It was like, for me, true love, or so I thought it was. I smiled right back at him but felt embarrassed that I did. I thought everyone has to be looking at me and looking at us. He saw me and smiled back at me too; his smile was amazing. I felt this, I don’t know, this power uhhh moving about me, and generating something I’d never felt before in my life. Holy wow, he smiled at me again. He is staring at me now. I want to meet him and get to know him and well you know what I mean.” She stopped and recalled that moment and smiling as she did. “Later that night he came up to me. I was all alone. There aren’t any other girls, my age, around here, and he saw that I was alone. He said hi to me. I froze and tried smiling back and I said hi to him. He was so nice. He is so darn cute. He asked if he could sit down. I said yes. There was this energy. It was pulsating all over my body. I felt it all over me. I felt it, almost right away, in my stomach, in my boobs, and then, if you can believe this, I felt it down inside my legs. I felt so turned on and it was tingling down inside my thighs.” She closed her eyes so she could remember it. Then she read some more. “We talked. He was soooo cool. I thought he was. He was soooo sweet too. He asked me about high school and college and other things. I tried asking him questions but nothing came to mind. It got late. We seemed to hit it off. Before I knew it we were laughing and talking about all kinds of stuff. Finally I asked him if he had a girlfriend. His answer made me get really excited inside. He said no he didn’t. I asked him why he didn’t. He said he broke up with her like 8 months ago.” She recalled that conversation or what she could remember. “I asked him ‘The girl broke it off with you?’ And he said ‘Yeah and I didn’t really know why to be honest.’ Then we went silent. We didn’t talk at all. Then he asked me something. He asked me ‘Have you uhhh ever uhhh been with a guy before?’ I got all red in the face and told him no. I don’t know why he asked me but I felt privileged that he had asked me.” She didn’t feel embarrassed but did at that time seeing as she was only 18. “He said he was sorry that he’d asked me that. I remember hesitating but told him it wasn’t a problem, that it was okay. We went silent and then he asked me if I want to take a walk. It wasn’t that late so I said okay. It was only like 9:30 at night so we walked and we walked and we talked and we laughed some more. He was the sweetest and funniest guy I had ever met in my life. And then he suggested something truly exciting but also odd. He suggested we go out tomorrow and kind of ‘escape’ this resort. I asked him where. He said ‘up there’ in those woods.” She remembered asking what they’d do up there. “He said they could hang out and talk and stuff. I didn’t even think what stuff meant but I said okay. I was soooo darn excited that I couldn’t wait to meet up with him the next day. When we met up he was smiling and he hugged me. That felt soooo darn good. That energy you feel being with another boy was incredible. I felt it all over me. I felt it everywhere you can think of feeling it.” She took another sip of water. “That’s when something came to me as we left the campsite at the resort. We headed out, not holding hands, but talked and talked and talked. We laughed. I laughed nervously. I knew right then that I wanted him. I wanted him to touch me in those places a girl always wants to be touched. I could kiss him endlessly but I also wanted him to kiss me and feel my body all over too. “We got out of sight of the camp and turned and headed up into the hills and woods. We found a trail. We headed up it. Then we kind of got off the beaten path. We found another half ass trail and took it. It was a cool trail. We got ‘lost’ quickly. We lost sight of everything. We found a cove of grass with shrubs way off the beaten path. I told him I loved it there. So we sat down and talked a while. But the talking soon ended and the fun quickly began.” She took another sip of water as she read on. “He leaned in and out of nowhere he kissed me. I pulled back and although I liked the kiss it kind of surprised me. I wanted him to kiss me again. So I smiled a few times. That’s when I think he understood me. He kissed me again. And again and I wrapped my arms around him and we kissed more and more and lots more. It got passionate as heck. We were rolling all over the grass as we kissed.” She remembered that well. “That’s when I felt the ‘vibrations’ so to speak inside me. I felt them all over me too. That quivering, those vibrations ran throughout my whole body and that included my tummy, my tits, and I even felt it down inside my thighs too! That went on and on until I felt them up inside my pussy. Ohhh god I remember thinking. Wow, geez ohhh peats! He was making me feel soooo incredible. I wanted him more and more! I needed him so badly as we kissed and kissed and rolled all over the place.” Terra was into this story and didn
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t stop and went on. “I wanted him to feel me in places boys aren’t supposed to feel a girl. And as we kissed shortly after I’d thought what I had, I felt his hand. It was on the top of my shirt but it was moving up it and it was moving up it real fast. I felt it on my boobs. Yes, my boobs I remember thinking. Push down on them. Squeeze them too, I thought. And he did. He pressed down on my tits. He pushed down on them and then, finally, he squeezed it. It was amazing! He was amazing. He rubbed and squeezed and pressed down on my boobs! Oh my fucking god! That was soooo damn cool. I felt that all the way down into my legs, into my thighs, and I soooo wanted it all right then and there.” At this point, Terra was a little horny, and as she read on she began rubbing her crotch. “We were kissing still but his hands kept feeling and doing it to my boobs. I loved that. I couldn’t get enough of it either. I needed it more and more. I was so into him. I found myself wrapping my legs around his body, I think. I found myself pulling at him too. I had my arms around him and pulling his upper body against mine. I was in heat. I so wanted him and I wanted him badly. I was burning up all over. I needed him more then I realized I needed him. “There I was, lying on the ground, and here he was feeling me up, kind of. I wanted him to touch my tits for real. I started telling myself that I wished he touch them for real. So I did. I told him to feel them for real. I did. And so he did too. His hand went up inside my top. Nobody had ever done that before so when he did it, when he reached up inside my top, and when I felt his hand there I exploded with an intensity so well so immense that I easily could have shagged all my clothes right then and there!” Terra was hornier then ever and as a result she began rubbing her crotch even more. “I wanted my top to come off. I wanted him to see my boobs. I wanted him to see them and feel them and I wanted him to make love to them. But that wasn’t all. I pushed up my top. How he figured out what I wanted I don’ know but he pushed my top off and he got on top of me. I went crazy! It felt as though we were going out of this world. I was horny as ever. He pulled down my bra! He actually pulled down my bra and smiled at both my tits and me. He looked at me and smiled. I told him to do as he pleased and he did. “He leaned in, put his hands around my tits, and he squeezed one before kissing and licking and sucking it too. Wow, was that remarkable or what? It felt fantastic. It felt wild and incredible. I can’t tell you how that felt. I can’t but it was out of this world. I know that for sure. I loved it. I absolutely loved it. He kissed them some more. He did more and more of that too. But then I saw him kneel straight up over me.” She stopped to recall what that was. “He asked me something. ‘Can I do something cool with you?’ I asked what. ‘Can I take my pants off and put my dick in between your boobs?’ he said. I said yes. I said it like three times. I didn’t realize it but I didn’t stop saying yes. He undid his pants. He pushed them down. I saw his underwear and he even pushed those down too. He made me hornier then I already was. I stared at his penis. It was soft but long. He started to masturbate. He got it hard and then he placed it up in between my tits and tit-fucked me. Can you believe that? He tit-fucked me!” Terra undid her pants and pushed them down to the floor. She began rubbing her crotch some more and finally, as she read on, slid it inside her panties. “Oh my fucking god! That was fucking incredible! This guy was fucking my boobs! My boobs, can you believe that? I watched him watch me. He fucked them as we both got into it. I loved it and told him I loved that. He smiled and pulled away and he kissed me. “Then he leaned and played with my tits some more. But I undid my shorts for him. I wanted him to feel me down there, down inside my panties. I had to have him do that. I just had to. I was soooo damn horny that I could feel it as if he was already doing it. He Saw me do it and looked at me. I smiled and nodded my head. He slid off me and looked at my crotch and then looked at me. ‘Are you sure?’ he said. I said I was sure.” Terra was soooo damn horny that she’d begun fingering herself at this point. “He started fingering me right away. I was all for it too. So he took off my shorts and as soon as he did he fingered my pussy like forever. I remember how I screamed out as he did it. Seeing as I’m not used to it, I was all over the place as he fingered me. My body was up off the ground and moving all over while he fingered me and even ate me out! Yes, that’s right. He went down on me and he had pulled off my shorts and panties and he started licking me out. I was screaming and moaning and I don’t know what else but it all felt soooo damn fantastic that he made me cum a couple times over or so I think he did. That’s right. He made me cum! Can you believe that? I came. I came a lot too. Writing this now, I have a smile on my face. I was eaten out by him.” She was going at herself as she read this and it felt pretty darn good to her. “Oh my fucking god, he made me cum. I know. I already said it once but I had never cum by a guy before. He was good at it! He was really, really good at all of it. He ate me out and he made me cum and I loved all of it too. Then he laid down beside me and we relaxed for a while. I realized he hadn’t cum yet. I was going to ask him about me doing it, stroking his cock for him, but I didn’t. I just toyed around with his chest with my fingers as I looked down at his crotch. “He saw me as I wondered about it all, about getting him off, and as I was looking down at it I heard ask ‘Do you want to touch it and hold it?’ It shocked me but yes, yes I did. I did want to see it. So I nodded and smiled humbly and so he moved up so I could feel his once again cock. He smiled and kissed me, on the cheek, and that’s when I started to hold his cock. Oh my freaking god! I was holding his cock! That was soooo neat! I held it and gradually I started to stroke it. I stroked it some more. “‘Have you ever licked or sucked on a guy’s cock?’ he asked me. I said no I haven’t. ‘Would you like to try it?’ he said. I kind of hesitated but I did want to try it. He told me to go ahead and try it and I positioned myself down over his cock, took it in my hand, and I started to lick it. I licked it more and more and finally I did it. I swallowed his cock in my mouth. I sucked on his cock. He even moaned as if he liked what I was doing. It was a lot of fun but then I wondered something else. “‘Would you like to have sex with me?’ I said. And he said ‘Are you sure you want to?’ And I said yes I would. He smiled and looked at me. He petted my boobs and then he kissed my lips. He got on top of me, placed his cock over me, and I put it up against my pussy. He went inside of me. We kind of fucked but not a lot. That was weird. I wasn’t sure I was ready for that part. It felt good, kind of, but it kind of felt weird too. So we stopped having sex. He took hold of his cock, kneeled over me, and he jacked off. Cum exploded out of him everywhere and it landed on my face and even my tits too. But let me tell you something. I’d do that with him, if I could, every day of every week if I could. That’s for sure.” She’d stopped masturbating but read on. “We couldn’t seem to hook up again and there was a whole week to go. God he was so fun to be around and I never thought I’d ever be with a guy, his age, to be my so-called first one. But regardless, it was awesome as awesome gets either way. I sure wish I remember his last name. That’s for sure.” Terra closed out the diary and sat back. She thought back to that night so she could try and remember almost everything about him. She smiled. It was a great evening and that’s when she wished she could find him again. She wished she could tell him how fun and enlightening that night had been for her. She wished she knew what state he came from. That was one thing she didn’t know but she did know his last name and made a point of looking him up later on. She wished for a lot of things. Having sex with him that night was absolutely fantastic, she told herself as her fingers sporadically rubbed her clitoris. Nevertheless, it was a life time ago. Still, she thought, she’d try and find him even if it was a lifetime ago. Regardless if it was a great time to be with him that day, he was the nicest and sweetest guy in the world, and she knew one other thing. She’d do it again if he was willing to. She shut off the lights and went to bed. It was late. She had school the next day. And then she knew she had to go off to work. Before she went off to work the following day, she headed off to school. Walking from her car she looked around a little. She saw what she thought were the usual things but all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she thought she saw him. She stopped and looked at what appeared to be Jarrod. She looked harder. It was him. Oh my gosh, she told herself. It can’t be. No way, she thought. “Jarrod? Jarrod is that you?” she called out. The guy stopped and turned around. He smiled once he saw her and then he waved at her, walking towards her which of course excited Terra to no end.

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