Sofia Cucci Xxx Plays With A Vibrator In Her Pussy And Ass

Sofia Cucci Xxx Plays With A Vibrator In Her Pussy And Ass

Brittany woke up late in bed, totally naked, and felt something wet under her sheets. She noticed the bottom sheet had a big wet spot on it. She thought she'd pissed in her bed while sleeping. Then, in her sleep-clouded mind, she remembered where the wet spot had came from. Brittany was staying at her grandparent's house for the night and had came in late, a little drunk from partying with her friends. When she pulled into the driveway, she noticed Adam's car in the drive. Her entire body was overwhelmed like it was coming back to life. Although it was just a fantasy, Brittany had wanted Adam for years. Adam was a male nurse who had been taking care of her grandparents for more than five years. He was about 6'2' tall, early 30's, matured, but still looking young and dashing, with dark hair and blue eyes. He was in good shape from frequent exercise. She'd met Adam the first time when she was eighteen, during one of her visits to her grandparents. From that moment she'd had a huge crush on him. Whenever she visited her grandparents, she spent most of her time hanging out with him, doing chores or talking about their lives or work. Sometimes, Adam would flirt with her just for fun, and she'd do the same back at him. She enjoyed his company a lot. When she started going to university, she was too busy with her studies, and rarely had time to see her grandparents, let alone Adam. As far back as Brittany could remember, she'd had orgasms when fingering herself, thinking of his naked body, and his cock next to hers. Brittany went to bed. She was pretty horned up from the thoughts of having Adam licking and sucking her sweet pussy, so she stripped naked and climbed into bed. She was laying there, trying to get to sleep, but her mind kept thinking about what she wanted to do to Adam. She started to slowly rub her clit. She knew she wouldn't be able to get any sleep until she came. "Mmm...Oh Adam... Don't stop...," she moaned as she lay there rubbing her clit, her eyes closed, trying to fall asleep. She had a mental picture of him slowly licking her clit and fingering her pussy, when she suddenly felt a hand touching her inner thigh. She opened her eyes, and there before her was Adam, stroking her inner thigh with his rough hand. He looked up and stared at her naked body. Brittany was a very pretty, sexy looking girl who was a petite 5'6' tall girl, with straight, dark-brown hair, with a sculpted cut that framed her pretty face and brought out her brown eyes perfectly. Her medium-olive skin tone made her look very exotic. It was his first time seeing Brittany naked. Adam could hardly believe how much Brittany had matured since he saw her last. But what amazed Adam the most were her D-cup breasts and her hairless labia which was wet with her young juices, and a protruding, shapely ass. Those sights were just amazing to him. Her face was that of early 20's, but her body was mature, and wonderfully ripe beyond her years. Brittany saw his gaze scanning her naked body as if his eyes were his hands and were actually touching her. He touched her skin, his hands slightly callused as they stroked down on her bare thighs. She felt a current flowing across her flesh. A sudden rush of lust overwhelmed her. His touch made her feel reborn in some way, needed, and wanted in a way that she hadn’t felt in so long. Her own breathing was labored from arousal. "Looks like someone's having fun. Mind if I join you?" he grinned. She looked at him. His other hand was clinging on his crotch in his pants. Her heart started to pound rapidly. She realized her fantasy was finally coming true. She smiled, and before she could say a word, Adam leaned on her and kissed her, and she returned his kiss. Brittany had the softest red lips, and he gave himself over to them that instant. He put a hand behind her head and he crushed his lips to her. As soon as she opened her mouth, he pushed his tongue inside to seek hers and play with it. Adam pulled her towards him. His rough hands came up, rubbing up her back lightly, then down harder. His short nails raking her skin was just enough to entice her. A little moan formed at the back of her throat, but she managed to suppress it barely. She tilted her head back to give him full access to her soft neck. Adam kissed her soft neck, biting softly to tease her, which made her moan. The cool air coming in the open door where Adam had come in rushed over her nipples, making them almost painfully erect. In the next moment, his warm hands covered them, flushing her flesh with heat. His talented fingers rolled her nipples while still cupping her breasts with his palms, which intensified the see-sawing sensations. He was completely concentrated on her arousal. From her neck, Adam kissed his way down her chest to her gorgeous breasts. He took one hard nipple into his mouth, and started licking and sucking that erect bud while he pinched the other nipple with his hands. He kept chewing on the other nipple in a similar manner to make both nipples harder. Brittany moaned and pushed his head towards her, wanting more. He went down to her belly, where he kissed and licked around her navel to tease her. Then, he kissed his way to the mound just above her sweet pussy. "It's time," he grinned, signalling her that he was ready to dive into her honey pot. She laid on her bed and started playing with her nipples, pinching and pulling them out. She spread her legs wide open, signalling back. "I'm ready."  Adam wrapped both his hands under her thighs and hold onto her. He kissed around her inner thighs and placed his mouth over her sweet pussy. He parted her labia with his tongue and dipped in to taste her. "Ooohhh...," Brittany moaned loudly, arching her back as soon as his tongue touched her. She closed her eyes and spread her legs wider. She could feel Adam playing with her pussy with his tongue, just like she'd dreamed. She could feel the long, slow lick around her labia and her clit, which he flicked at the end of each lick. He lifted her thighs and buried his face deep in her pussy. She gasped as he pushed his
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tongue deep into her. "You taste so great Brittany. I want more." Adam spent a long time bathing her young, tender pussy with his tongue. She moaned as her body twitched, lifting her hips high to his face. She squeezed her breast so hard, also twisting her nipples. Adam then slid his two fingers inside her and curled them upwards, stroking her g-spot while he licked her clit. She loved every sensation she was having. She grabbed at the sheets, arching back, lifting her hips higher and pushing towards his face. Suddenly, she started to tremble all over. "Aaahhh ooohhh fuck!" she screamed, cumming all over his fingers and tongue. Her sweet pussy juices oozed out of her, staining the bottom sheet under her ass. When she was starting to come down from her orgasm, Adam quickly fingered her again, massaging her g-spot and licking her juices and her clit. Brittany grabbed his hair, pushing his face deep in her crotch. She started to loose her control over her body, trembling again, causing her to have another orgasm. This time she came in abundance, squirting her pussy juices onto him. She never had this experience in her life. She never thought that he would make her squirt. Adam let her relax, and she collapsed back on bed, still shaking and gasping for breath. She couldn't move her body, almost as if she was paralyzed. When Brittany caught her breath, she knew she was ready for more. She recovered and got up quickly, then sat on her bed. Adam laid on her bed beside her. Her arms reached down, stroking the muscled hardness of his thighs through the thin dressy material of his pants. They felt so good, so strong and tight. She was desperate to have him inside her. As soon as she unzipped his pants and took off his boxers, his rock hard cock jumped out, gaining its freedom. She was mesmerized seeing the size of his cock. She grabbed the base of his cock and started to slowly stroke his eight inch, rock hard cock. She leaned closer and licked his shaft up and down, using her tongue well. She then started sucking the head of his cock. She looked at him and saw his eyes closed, his head tilted upwards, enjoying the pleasure she was giving. She smiled and continued sucking his thick cock. She took a while to wet his entire cock from balls to tip. She kept sucking and licking every bit of him until she felt his cock start to throb for the need to cum. She then slowly kissed her way up his body and positioned her wet pussy over his hard cock. "I want you inside me," she grinned and looked at his eyes, seeing the same lust that was inside her was now in him. He wanted to get inside her. Brittany took his cock and pointed it to her opening, slamming herself down onto it. Taking all eight inches at once. She gasped louder, feeling him inside her. Her eyes widened, her body tightened deep inside. She'd never felt anything like this. She then started to ride his cock slowly. She built up some speed and started to ride him faster and harder. He looked up in the dimly lit room and saw her staring at him. They both smiled at each other, then all of a sudden she closed her eyes and threw her head back. Adam could tell by the way her muscles inside her pussy were clamping his cock that she was going to cum. Her breathing started to quicken as she began to cum again. She started to tremble all over him. Adam felt the wetness from her pussy as she came. When she collapsed over Adam, he wrapped his arms around her with his cock still inside her. The musky scent of arousal filled the air. It was hard to tell whether it was Brittany or Adam. The woman inside her roared to life. "More...more...more..." Brittany urged him on. desperately wanting more. After she recovered quickly, Adam rolled her onto her belly and slid his rock hard cock into her tight, wet pussy. The sounds of their bodies slapping together echoed through her room as he slowly built the up speed and length of his strokes. He gave her more, frantically pounding his body into her. She could no longer speak. Each breath was a gasp, every muscle tight and focused on the orgasm that was building inside her. Adam felt it and started to go even faster, wanting to cum inside her. He began to play with her clit and tease her nipples, pinching them, his hard dick still pounding inside her. Just as Brittany's orgasm was at the edge, Adam slammed his cock into her few more times, finally pushing into her as far as he could go. His cock erupted and began filling her pussy with his hot, fluid seeds. Brittany could sense Adam's seeds inside her. She hugged him tightly and sank her teeth into the sweat-slicked skin of his shoulder. The feeling of him swelling even bigger sent her over the edge again. Their juices mixed together inside her and poured freely out of her pussy. Their bodies were trembling violently and overwhelmed them. Finally, they collapsed and lay together on the bed. He pulled out his cock from inside her and it began to slowly shrink. Their bodies felt heavy as they gasped for breath and then fell asleep. Brittany just had to smile, as the wet spot was from her sexual intercourse with her favorite male nurse, Adam. She began to think about how he tasted her pussy and gave her multiple orgasms, and how she tasted his rock-hard cock. She thought about how she rode his cock and how he came inside her. She realized that it was not a dream, that it happened for real, and smiled to herself. She was trying to figure out how she could get him to do this once again. This time she wanted him to fuck her in the ass. As she was laying there on her bed, fingering herself and starting to get wet, thinking about him fucking her again, the door opened. And in walked...Author's note - "I would like to thank my friends here who encouraged me to write and my friend, Pandora Faye who  is not here in lush gave me the idea even though it was not my kind of genre so I changed the story completely. Thank you JustTK and strongmr for helping me out with editing. This is my first story. Please do forgive me if you find any mistakes. I'm not used to writing. Thank you so much everyone."

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