Do not know that a Roman singer is filmed with an escort to the hotel is

Do not know that a Roman singer is filmed with an escort to the hotel is

Gary was restless the night Emma broke her news to him. It was late and he was still up worrying. But, as much as he worried, there was also a seed of curiosity in him. What was this lifestyle really like? Did John really except Charlotte’s promiscuity? Could he accept such a lifestyle?These were all questions Gary asked himself as he sat on the couch in pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt.Gary thought about John and Charlotte’s relationship. How did it work? Did John sleep in a spare-room when Charlotte was entertaining her lovers? Maybe he was more involved? Maybe he listened in, or maybe he even watched Charlotte getting fucked.He was interrupted from his reverie by the sound of the doorbell ringing. Who could that be? he said to himself.Then he remembered. Emma must have asked John to come and visit him. He rose from the couch, and went to the front door.He couldn’t make out the figure behind the glass, so he was surprised to see that it was Charlotte who was standing there when he opened the door. She was dressed in a long red robe with a split running up to her waste that made her legs peek out, as if through theatre curtains at a burlesque show. She was wearing her long black hair down; sparkly silver earrings, a matching bracelet and shiny black platform heels. The ensemble gave her a glamourous movie star look.“Can I come in,” she said. “Please, we need to talk.”“Oh, okay,” Gary said, standing back far enough for her to come through.“I apologise for my attire,” she said as she clicked past Gary in her towering heels. “I am going to a nightclub with John. He is waiting in the car outside. He wanted to speak to you, but I thought it was better that I do so first.”“Look Charlotte, I know what you are going to say—““—But do you, Gary?” she said as she leaned against the counter in the living and kitchen area of the small apartment, “do you really know what I am going to say.”She didn’t wait for his answer.“The only thing stopping you from letting Emma live her life is your manliness, but I have news for you. If you were in anyway manly, then that girl wouldn’t be so sexually frustrated. Accept it Gary, you are the one who drove her to this point.”“Oh god, it’s true isn’t it,” Gary admitted, "I drove her to this.”“It’s okay Gary,” she said, “You have a chance to make amends now. All you have to do is let her live the life the way she wants to live?”“By letting her sleep with other men?”“Yes, why not? I do it and John is perfectly okay with it. What is it that you are afraid of?”“I’m afraid she is going to leave me.”“Gary, if you don’t let her live her life she is going to leave you anyway.”“That is true,” Gary said.“But if you let her live her life, I guarantee you she will stay with you. And what do you care if some man gets to put his cock in her every now and again; it is the twenty-first century, it is normal now. Why get jealous? It is just sex. Do you think she is going to love you any less?”Gary didn’t respond.“She isn’t. All she is going to do, is have her sexual needs fulfilled somewhere else. And Gary, Scott is the perfect guy for that. He isn’t looking for a long term partner, he isn’t looking to settle down.“He isn’t going to steal your wife. Think of him as a mechanic. All he is doing is servicing your wife the way he services your car.“And you know what? It is nothing to be ashamed about. Yes he may be better than you in bed, and yes Emma is going to be having the best sex of her life with him, but through your actions.“You have to ask yourself Gary, do you want Emma to feel these things? Do you want Emma to feel the pleasure of cumming around a nice hard cock? These things are important Gary. And if you can’t provide them, you have to step aside and let someone else do the job.“And by stepping aside, you are still contributing to Emma’s pleasure. Because it is by your generous actions, because you love your wife, that Emma is receiving that pleasure.“And you do love your wife don’t you?”“Of course I do,” Gary said.“But love means you will do anything to make her happy.“And there is no reason why you should not receive pleasure from the situation too. You are just thinking about it all wrong. You are thinking about it as, here is this man to fuck my wife, I feel betrayed. Rather than thinking about it like having your own personal pornstar you can watch live.“Yes, I bet you never thought about it like that? About having your own personal live sex show whenever you like? Come on Gary? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like to watch Emma being a dirty bitch with someone?"Of course you would,” she answered for him, “I know you would love to watch Emma slutting it out in front of you? Think about that Gary, about having your own personal pornstar you can dress up and watch get fucked. I bet she will let you watch if you ask. Damn, I’m sure Emma would even let you video them together."John loves to watch me get fucked, and I love performing for him. I know he gets off on it as much as me and I get off on teasing him. It is still a relationship with mutual pleasure that way."If you can train yourself to like it Gary. Look at porn, read dirty cuckold stories on the internet; try and masturbate to them. All these things will ease your progression to being a cuckold."And you know what Gary? Some men are born to cuckold and some men are born to get cuckolded. And you Gary, are the later.”“What do you mean,” Gary asked.“Oh don’t play dumb with me, I know all about your little problem. Emma told me all about it. Well you know what Gary? Premature ejaculation doesn’t have to make you a bad lover, you can still be a good lover.“You simply won’t have to worry about Emma’s satisfaction at all. Someone else will do that for you. All you have to worry about is your own.“You may not believe it now? But you are going to be thoroughly satisfied. Who knows, perhaps in the future, you are not going to want to go back. John would never go back he loves it so much.“Think about it Gary. Sex is never boring for us. There is always something exciting around the corner. That special relationship John and I have? You can have that too Gary.”“You think letting Emma sleep with other men could really work,” asked Gary.“Of course it can Gary. And you know something? Why don’t you get dressed and come with me and John now, get a taste of the lifestyle?”“Oh I really couldn’t, I’m not ready, and I need a shower.”“Nonsense, here I will give you the address of the nightclub,” Charlotte said as she took a card from her clutch handbag, handing it to Gary. “Get showered, put on something nice, and meet us there in an hour. Give the doorman that card and you can get into the VIP area where we will be waiting.”Charlotte left Gary wondering how he had agreed to go to watch her cheat on her husband with another man, but he had. His mind was confused as he showered and dressed for the night ahead. He had to admit it felt naughty that he was going out to watch an incredibly gorgeous woman be overtly sexual.When Gary had finished dressing he called a cab which took him to the nightclub. Throbbing music blasted through the walls of the nightclub as Gary got out of the cab. After he paid the driver he went to the door. Although there was n
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o queue, inside was a thronging mass of twisting and dancing flesh.He showed the doorman the pass and he was shown to the VIP area which was above the main part of the nightclub. Gary saw Charlotte, John and a younger blonde haired man sitting in a booth. He went up to them to introduce himself.“Oh hi Gary,” Charlotte said, “please sit down. Guys this is Gary who I was telling you about.”“Oh hi Gary,” said John. The younger blonde man said hi too.“You’ve met my husband John before”, Charlotte said. Next she pointed to the man who was sitting very close to her “and this Mike.”They both said hi to each other as Gary sat at the booth beside John and opposite Mike and Charlotte.“So is your wife away with another man tonight,” asked Mike.“No she isn’t,” replied Charlotte for him, “he is just coming to terms with the situation”.“There is nothing to worry about,” John said, “We have been doing this for ages and we both love it.”“So how long have you both known Mike,” asked Gary.“Mike is one of Charlotte’s regulars,” said John, “she has a few so she doesn’t build up any attachment. We find it works better that way.”The four of them talked and drank for a while before Gary asked John how he coped with jealousy.However, by now Charlotte was French kissing Mike in front of John and Gary. Gary felt slightly excited as he watched Charlotte’s cleavage heave up and down as Mike kissed her from the side.“You see,” said John, “there is nothing to worry about, and we are completely comfortable with this.”It was as if Mike was going to test how much he could push John.“It is all perfectly normal for us now,” said John as Mike’s hand was now sliding up his wife’s leg through the slit in her dress.The booth was at an angle were Charlotte and Mike could fool around and only be seen by John and Gary.Charlotte let out a low moan that was drowned out by the loud music as Mike’s fingers slid past her black lace panties. Gary was shocked to see Charlotte’s glistening pussy lips as she uncrossed her legs to give Mike greater access.By this time Charlotte had lost all interest in either John or Gary. Mike’s thick fingers had Charlotte’s slaver all over them as they slid over her soaking folds.Charlotte lay back in her seat with her eyes closed as she savoured the feelings created by Mike’s fingers. Gary was transfixed by the wanton display in front of him, while John was slightly uncomfortable at the speed things were moving at.“It’s okay,” John said, “I’ve gotten used to this sort of thing and I actually enjoy it now.”Gary didn’t respond.“It turns me on as much as it does her,” John said.Then, Charlotte opened her eyes and said, “Oh would you boys excuse me, I am going to go to the little girls room.”Charlotte removed Mike’s fingers, fixed her panties, and then adjusted her dress. She stood up, but, just before she left, she pulled Mike by the hand and brought him with her, leaving John and Gary by themselves.“I bet you are shocked,” said John.“I have to admit, I am a little shocked John”.“Charlotte misbehaving like that turns me on Gary, it turns me on like nothing else. Charlotte is going to go and do, whatever it is she is going to, and then do you know what is going to happen?”Gary replied that he didn’t know.“After Charlotte does whatever naughty enterprise she has designed, we are going to go home together and we are going to have wild sex.”Gary took a large slug of his beer to try and moisten his, by now, dry mouth.A few minutes later John’s phone beeped in his pocket. He took it out and looked at it.“Do you want to see something,” John asked Gary.“What is it?”John handed the phone over to Gary and he looked at the screen. The photograph that had been sent to him was both surreal and extremely erotic. Charlotte’s face filled most of the screen. Her mouth was open, and it was obviously struggling to fit Mike’s huge cock into it.Charlotte’s lipstick was smudged all over his cock, which was an indication that she had been sucking it for quite a long time before the photo was taken and that although Mike’s cock was huge she had managed to give it a good sucking. The toilet in the background made her look all the more slutty.As Gary looked at the image the phone beeped with another which popped up immediately. The next image had Charlotte’s face too, but this time Mike’s entire cock had vanished down her throat. Her eyes were wide open from the effort she gave in deep throating him and Mike’s pubes were pressed against her face.John leaned over to get a look at the new photo. John and Gary now had hard-ons.The phone beeped again and another photo popped up. This time it only had Charlotte’s face. Her lips, with their dark red lip stick, were wide open. The combination of her wide open mouth and her smoky eyes gave her a sultry look. But that wide open mouth was overflowing with thick creamy cum that was dribbling down her chin onto her breasts.John and Gary were completely silent as they looked at the image. After, what seemed like a few minutes, Gary felt a tap on his shoulder. They both turned around and saw that it was Charlotte. She had cleaned the cum from her chin and breasts.However, not saying a word, she leaned in and moved her face until it was directly in front of Gary’s, then she moved in to kiss him. Gary, unthinkingly opened his mouth to accept the kiss. His eyes opened in shock as he realised what she was up to, all too late.Her tongue slipped into his mouth as her’s emptied its entire contents into his. She held her mouth to his so he would get the full impact of the salty bitter taste. Gary was faced with a choice whether to swallow or let the cum drip all over himself. He chose to swallow.As Gary swallowed, he became overloaded with stimulation; the taste, Charlotte’s sloppy slutty kiss, the photo of her sucking Mike’s huge cock, the photo of her with Mike’s load in her mouth, and the fact that all this was even happening caused him to explode with excitement.Before he realised it and before Charlotte had finished her kiss, there was a damp patch on Gary’s trousers where he had ejaculated. Charlotte put her hand down to feel his bulge and was surprised when she felt his wet patch. She broke off her kiss and leaned into Gary and said, “I promised you a taste of the lifestyle. Well, there it is cucky boy. And I can tell from your wet patch that you liked it. Well that is good, because you are going to be doing a lot more of this with Emma, so you better get used to it.”She turned from Gary and gave John a long wet sloppy kiss too. Then she broke away and said to John, “I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the full load, but I felt it was important to Emma to have Gary broken in, she will be delighted when I tell her all about how Gary accepted my kiss.She turned around to face Gary again. “Yes, that’s right Gary, Emma will be hearing all about this. After all, no one forced you to kiss a woman who you knew had just returned from the toilets after a man had shot his load into her mouth.”The consequences of what Gary had just done were only now beginning to dawn on him. Gary had just entered a door from which there was no going back. His whole life was about to change. For he was soon going to be officially, Emma’s cuckold.

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