The beautiful brunette takes his hard cock in the pussy of her favorite girlfriend

The beautiful brunette takes his hard cock in the pussy of her favorite girlfriend

Jeremy and I had been friends for what seemed like forever. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that we were best friends. We would do anything for each other and supported one another in everything we did. So when Jeremy came out of the metaphorical closet, I was happy for him. We had talked about his feelings on sexuality many times and I knew how uncomfortable hiding it made him.But, after he came out and wasn’t hiding his feelings anymore, my feelings became even harder to suppress.The first time Jeremy appeared in my fantasies was after he had told me about how he was starting to have feelings for guys. These fantasies had scared me, and came as a shock, at first. I was a guy and I liked girls. That was how it had always been. But the idea of Jeremy’s familiar, yet strangely foreign, touch traveling up and down my body in ways I had only imagined girls doing before, began to dance in the back of my mind.Although I’ve gotten good at hiding it, I’ve almost told him more than a time or two about my fantasies and feelings. That was long ago now and I have long since learned to keep things hidden from him, despite him being the main focus of every one of my fantasies now.Slowly my imagination became not enough. Being around him nearly all the time made my fantasies seem flat and unreal, and my body craved the real thing. Every time we hung out, I would get small wafts of the cologne he wore, driving my senses wild. Jeremy had been working hard on getting a six-pack and it was beginning to show, making me ever more curious what his toned, muscular body felt like under my touch.A plan had formed in my head. I would sneak into Jeremy’s apartment while he was away and I would take my fantasies to the next level. I planned it perfectly. He would be away at the gym for at least an hour, giving me plenty of time to get him out of my system for a while. How I would do that was a little bit uncertain, but I had to try. I watched him exit and lock his door from around the corner. My eyes drifted down and my gaze fell on his ass. I watched as he walked down the hall. I almost had to slap myself back into focus.Walking quickly to his door I unlocked it with the spare key that Jeremy had given me when he moved in. The apartment was dark, but I knew this apartment like the back of my own hand. Heading to the left I turned on the lights as I went.As I passed by the full-length mirror Jeremy had installed, I stopped to check myself out. I wasn’t bad looking, in my own opinion. I wasn’t super toned but I had some abdominal definition and I like to wear my shirts a little tighter to emphasize it. My light brown hair was cut a little short than I usually had it but it worked. My lashes were long and framed my brown eyes in a way that made people comfortable looking me in the eyes.By far my best quality was below my belt. Where Jeremy excelled in sports like wrestling, I was always more of the runner. My legs and hips were toned and built for stamina. I had gotten many compliments from the few girls I had been with.After I was done looking at myself and succeeding to make myself feel thoroughly girly, I continued into the bedroom. As soon as the light came on, my attention was drawn to the dresser across the room. Sticking out of the top most dresser drawer was a pink string.I was drawn to it. I was almost certain I knew what it was, but where it was sticking out of made it different somehow.Upon further investigation, my suspicions were confirmed. It was a pair of panties, and in the same drawer were at least a dozen more pairs. It was like Victoria’s Secret heaven.Looking at all the lacy things filling the drawer, a very risky idea formed in my mind. I was hesitant at first, knowing that if I was caught it would be a very tricky situation to explain to my best friend. But I needed to feel close to him for this mission to be successful, and what better way to do that than wear something he had worn.Quickly, I took one look at the doorway and then the clock, still plenty of time. I sift through my many choices. As I sifted through the collection, Jeremy’s cologne filled my nose, making my cock twitch. I almost couldn’t decide which pair I wanted to wear. There were lacey ones, cotton ones, and ones that felt something like velvet.Finally, I settled on a pair of blue lace cheekies. They looked a little worn, as if Jeremy was fond of this pair more than any other in the drawer. I lifted them to my face and was enveloped by the smell of Jeremy. It was a familiar scent but also laced with a foreign one. I breathed deeply, pulling the scent in and analyzing it. It was the manly scent of Jeremy, and it sent shivers down my spine. As I put them up to me for size comparison, I thanked my lucky stars that Jeremy and I had always been roughly the same size.Quickly, I abandoned my clothes and donned my new bottoms. The soft material felt good against my skin, and, as I pulled it up over my slowly hardening shaft, a small stream of precum released itself. I should’ve been concerned with cleaning it off. I didn’t want to leave evidence of my presence, but the longer I wore these panties, the less I cared about Jeremy knowing I had been here.As I became braver still, I decided that I wanted to take a look at the full view.Padding softly across the room and into the hallway, I got the first full view of myself in my latest attire. I looked good. My lightly tanned legs were wonderfully complimented by the blue color of the undies I wore. I posed for myself in the mirror, loving how my butt looked in the blue lace.“I look good,” I said and turned, getting a good look at the way the panties fit on my ass.“Chris?”I was frozen in place, facing my friend. On his face was the cutest look of confusion. I watched him as his gaze traveled down my body, and it’s like I could physically feel his eyes on my body. This invisible touch of my best friends gaze made my dick hard and craving his touch. I saw Jeremy’s eyes go wide as he watched the sun rise in my hidden valley, and I noticed that he seemed to be having a similar reaction to my outfit.This was the first time I really looked at that region of Jeremy, and I don’t know how long he had been standing there, but it looked like his erection was in full bloom. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had zipper marks along it. Finally coming to my senses, I made a break for the bathroom. I was there and the door was shut before he could take a full stride towards me.“Wait, Chris!” He banged on the door as I leaned on it and sunk to the floor. My heart was racing. I could hear him slouch down in a similar position on the other side.‘What am I going to do?’ My thoughts were racing. One half of me wanted to get dressed and act like this never happened, and the other half, the more primal side, wanted some sort of release.“I’m sorry Jeremy. I thought you would be gone for an hour.” I could barely get the sentence out, my breathes were heavy and I was beginning to pant.“Can you please open the door Chris? I’m not mad, I’m... I... think that... ” He spoke barely above a whisper.“I didn’t quite hear that last part.” I was curious about what he said. He sounded so shy, which came as a shock to me. 'This was the guy who was a big ball of confidence, what would I have done to make him act like this?' I pressed my ear up against the door and listened for his response.“I think that you look hot in those.” His response came as barely a whisper, and if my ear hadn’t been pressed against the door I wouldn’t have heard it.This made me smile and I couldn’t help but chuckle lightly at what he had said.He must have heard me because I could hear him get up and shuffle away from the door. I immediately regretted letting anything come out of my mouth. I may not have wanted anyone to know I had feelings for him but I didn’t want him to think that my reason for being here, like this, was making fun of him.Rushing as fast as I could, I pulled the door open.“Jeremy, wait. I didn’t... I mean... ” I stuttered, my words still hampered by my arousal and my racing heart.Jeremy stood next to the mirror, his hair messy from probably running his fingers through it. He wore a little half smile and in his eyes I saw some relief, but he still was worried. I smiled at him in return, a shy smile, but a sincere one. All the confidence I had while posing for myself had long gone. But it was too late for me to be shy, and I took a step closer to him.“You really think I look hot in these?” Loosening up a little and moving my arms away from my body, I did a small pose for him.“Those happen to be my favorite pair, actually.” His smile lit up his face as he took another look at my nearly naked body.My confidence was slowly coming back and I inched a little closer to him. I could smell his deodorant from where I stood. The smell wasn’t the same as his cologne, but it still sent shiver between my legs that made my cock twitch to life again. My confidence was mostly restored so I reached up and begin to move his hands above his head.Using his superior upper body strength I went from holding his hands up to pinned against the wall, my rear facing him. I felt his bulge press against my ass and his ragged breath at the nape of my neck. But even as I pressed my body up against him I could sense that he was hesitant to move further. As fast as he had pinned my to the wall he turned me around to face him. His eyes traveled once more up and down my body and I watched him bite his lip and furrow his brow.“This,” I watched him nod towards his underwear, “Better not be some joke.”He looked me dead in the eyes as he said this. This didn’t sound like a threat, this sounded lik
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e some jerk had played him and he didn’t want it to happen again. I looked deep into his baby blue eyes. In his eyes, I saw a combination of hesitation, worry, and something I recognized, something that I had trying to be hiding for a long time.I didn’t know what to say.We were best friends, we told each other everything, but when it came to the most important truth we had to tell we had kept it a secret. I heard a small release of air escape Jeremy’s lips as if he had been holding his breath, and he let go of my hands and braced against the wall. His eyes still looked into mine, an ever increasing amount of worry building up in them. I needed to give him an answer. I couldn’t deny my feelings anymore, not with us being this close and I decided that, if he truly felt the same, this needed to be done.In a swift motion, I pulled him to me and kissed my best friend.As our lips collided, Jeremy pressed me against the wall with his body. Our bulges pressed firmly together, causing me to moan against his mouth as I felt the warmth of his crotch against mine. His arms wrapped around my waist and mine fell onto his shoulders. We seemed to fit perfectly together as if we were the last two pieces of a puzzle.Lifting me up into his arms, Jeremy carried me back into his bedroom, my lips never leaving his. Our lips only parted ways as he laid me down gently across his bed. He looked down at me, biting his bottom lip in a way I found irresistible. Jeremy began to drag his fingertips down my chest. I had imagined him doing this more times than I could count, but nothing I had ever imagined compared to the rush I got as he did it just then. My body responded to his touch by oozing a little more precum onto the already wet panties I wore.“I might have to let you have this pair. They look far better on you than me.” I watched Jeremy’s face as he traced small circles around my bulge.Climbing on top of me, he planted another wet, passionate kiss on my lips. My hands reached up and began to explore his body. My fingers grasped at the hem of his shirt, tugging it over his head, revealing his muscular upper half. My eyes and hands ran over his chest and abdomen, soaking in the wonderfully firm feeling he had. I worked my way down his body, but as I got to his waistband, my fingers trembled.I looked back up into Jeremy’s eyes, which looked concerned.“Are you alright?” Jeremy’s voice with laced with desire but also hesitation, not wanting to push me away by moving too quickly.“It’s just that I have never been with another guy.” My voice wavered slightly.I knew my friend already knew this information, so I’m not sure why I needed to say it.“That’s ok, Chris. All the experience I have is from making out and a few heavy petting sessions.” He kissed me before climbing off the bed, pulling me up with him.My best friend kneeled before me, his face nearly eye level with my navel. I could feel his hot breath against my crotch as he brought his face closer. He slowly kissed down my shaft. They were soft and gentle kisses that made my cock twitch with need. Only after every inch of my shielded erection had been touch by his lips, Jeremy hooked his fingers into the waistband of my panties and began to pull them down.My cock sprang forward to meet him and I watched as he began to explore it with his hands.The feeling of his soft hands on my sensitive cock was better than I could have ever imagined, and before long I was letting out moans of encouragement. My head tilted back as I enjoyed my best friend’s handiwork. I thought that I was experiencing the epitome of pleasure until I felt his tongue come in contact with my swollen head. I gasped as his mouth wrapped around my cock and slowly began to take more and more of it into his mouth. Every nerve that came in contact with his mouth felt like it was on fire. As soon as the tip of my cock hit the back of his throat, Jeremy began to work my throbbing member in and out of his mouth, his tongue rubbing pleasantly against the underside of my shaft.“Jeremy,” I struggled to form words as he worked my erection with his eager mouth “I’m going... going to... soon!”Jeremy took the hit and began to lick and suck the head of my aching cock feverishly.The way he seemed consumed with want sent me over the edge. I subconsciously placed my hand on the back of his head, pushing all of me into his mouth and holding him there as I shot my load into his throat. I watched my best friend greedily take my seed in gulps, not stopping until I was drained and he had thoroughly cleaned my quickly softening dick.I collapsed backward onto Jeremy’s bed, my breathing still heavy from the exhilarating experience I had just had.Jeremy was back on his feet, his massive erection fighting against his pants. I reached for it, this time I didn’t tremble. Quickly removing his pant and boxers, his cock sprang forward.“Oh fuck.” My mouth hung open as I stared at the monster I had released.I heard a chuckle escape from his mouth. He reached down and guided my mouth to the tip, which oozed a little precum as my warm breath hit it. I looked up at him, a little fearful that he would force it all into my mouth. I know I had done it to him but he had two to three inches more than me, along with added girth.In his eyes I didn’t see any intention to do that, I saw primal need.I tentatively reached out with my tongue, his hands still holding my head. The taste of his juices made my taste buds crave more. I began to lap up all that I could and, upon hearing the soft growls coming from Jeremy’s lips, I bravely took the tip of his cock in my mouth.“Fuck, Chris that feels so good. But I want to be...” I watched his gaze fall towards my rear end. I let his cock slip from my mouth and pulled back out of his grasp. I saw his eyes go wide as if he thought I was going to change my mind about things because of his suggestion.“I want you too.” I saw the relief in his expression and I pulled him down into another kiss.As our tongues collided, I could taste the lingering remnants of my load on his tongue, the memory causing my cock to twitch with life once more. Jeremy guided me into position after discarding what little clothing was still on him. I was on my side, my back pressed against Jeremy’s chest, in spooning position. The heat from his erection fell between my legs, causing me to gasp and my cock to jump. I was already well on its way to being rock hard again.“Lift your leg up and arch your back.” I felt his words in my ear, his voice husky and insistent. I complied without hesitation.When he was certain that I was comfortable, Jeremy positioned the tip of his throbbing member at the entrance of my virgin asshole. He began to rub his juices around, lubing up and preparing me for his cock.Slowly he inserted the tip. There was slight resistance at first but he managed to get it in.Jeremy pushed deeper into me at an even more agonizingly slow pace, all the while whispering in my ear to relax and how tight my ass felt. When Jeremy’s cock was completely inside me, we lay there motionless. I could feel every pulse and twitch of his throbbing erection as it pressed up against my prostate. Every movement it made caused my anus to tighten around it, which made Jeremy moan into my ear.Once he sensed that I was relaxed enough, Jeremy began to move his hips and fuck me. As he did, I adjusted myself so that he could go as deep as possible, loving the pressure it put on what I’m sure was my g-spot. I reached my hand towards my own cock knowing that it ached to be touched, but Jeremy stopped me.“I want to try something.” Jeremy held onto my arm and began to deliver shallow thrusts, keeping his cock deep inside me.My anus tightened and squeezed his shaft, responding to the intense stimulation of my g-spot. I could feel the pressure welling up and that if he kept going like this I was going to cum again. Jeremy was having his own response to my body, and I could tell that he was close as well. He bit down on my shoulder, and I could feel the sweat drip from his forehead. His thrusts became more fervent, despite trying to keep his focus on over-stimulating me.With one last drive into my ass, I heard him groan and felt his hot load empty into me. The sensation of this violent release triggered my own and we both lay there in orgasmic bliss for the duration. Jeremy’s body relaxed as he slipped his softening cock out of me.“Do you want to get cleaned up? You can use the shower.” He nuzzled my neck, sprinkling it with tender kisses and soft bites.“Would you hop in with me?” I didn’t get a verbal answer; Jeremy simply rose with me and guided me to the shower.Once we were underneath the stream of hot water, we did more kissing than cleaning but came out clean enough to feel comfortable. Jeremy gingerly toweled me off and grabbed a new sheet for the bed, the other one being covered in a combination of my sperm and his. As soon as the sheet was in place, we curled up in each other’s arms and fell fast asleep.I woke up to Jeremy bringing me a glass of orange juice and with a sore rear.“How did you sleep?” Jeremy set the juice down next to the bed and pulled his computer chair so that he could sit beside me.“I slept great.” I smiled up at him.“Hey...” Jeremy looked a little concerned and avoided looking at me “What happens now?”“I’m not sure. I’m going to need time to adjust.” I saw Jeremy’s expression fall slightly, a frown on his face. “But I want this.” I pulled him in for a kiss.I winced as I got up to drink my OJ, my rear stinging from last night. Jeremy looked concerned.“I’ll be alright, but next time it’s my turn to do that.” I said. 

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