The Policeman Fucks Her Ass After Many Requests

The Policeman Fucks Her Ass After Many Requests

I arrived at the dock parking lot, about ten minutes before six.  Grandpa's car was already there, so I knew we would be getting to work right away.  As I walked the pier, I noticed that there were already four people sitting on the bench by Grandpa's boat.  When I got a little closer, I recognized one of the men as Mike from the Tuesday cruise.  As I approached, Mike stood up and introduced me to Bob, Chad, and Chuck.  I remembered their names as Saturday regulars from talking to Grandpa. After the introductions, I excused myself so that I could assist Grandpa with the preparations.I hopped on the boat and found Grandpa below checking the engine's fluid levels.  I asked, "Where do you want me to start?"Grandpa replied, "Go ahead and get the rest of the covers off while I finish this and get the engines started."I dashed up the ladder and began removing and folding the boat covers.  The passengers were chatting away on the pier bench and occasionally looked my way.  It was clear that Mike had been telling them all about his time with me because they all had that look of craving in their eyes.  I continued my work as I could feel my rosebud twitching in anticipation of their attentions.About the time that I removed the last cover, Grandpa made his way to the bridge and started the engines.  With the covers folded and stowed, I headed to see what Grandpa needed next.  We sat in the flying bridge, and he offered me some coffee while we waited for more passengers to arrive.  I asked, "What is the normal departure time for the Saturday cruise?"Grandpa replied, "It usually runs about seven am, but there have never been people here this early before.  Mike was here before me, but I told him that the other regulars take precedence if they show."As we were talking, Bill showed up and began chatting with the other guys as Grandpa told me a little about all of them.  Starting off, he explained, "This group usually does very little fishing, maybe even less than the Tuesday crowd.  Most of these guys are still working, so their time is more about letting loose.""Are they in the same age group?  They don't look any younger than the others?" I solicited."You are correct, Stevie. This group isn't any younger; they like to work.  They also like to play too, but don't have as much free time as the others.  With less time on their hands, most of them don't fish at all and love being naked," Grandpa explained.As I pondered the thought of multiple naked men wandering the deck and my need to touch them all, my cock began to grow.  I queried of Grandpa, "So you had mentioned six possible names for Saturdays.  How many are you allowed to take out on the boat at once?"Grandpa smiled and remarked, "The most that I've ever taken out is ten. Myself plus nine passengers, and it was a disaster.  It started with everyone wanting to fish, and there is not enough room for that many lines in the water.  Plus, I was trying to attend to their snacks and drinks by myself.  Once some of them went below to play, it was a little better, but I swore never to take more than six by myself in the future.""So with me here, six would be even more manageable," I countered.Grandpa took another sip of his coffee and checked his watch as he thought.   After another minute he related, "Don't worry Stevie, if Ian arrives before we leave, I'll let him come along.  But be forewarned, make sure he is your last of the day because when he's done, you are too.""Grandpa, do you want to tell me something about the guys that are here so far?" I inquired."All of the guys go both ways, including Ian, but no one ever seems to want to do him.  You should remedy that, by the way.  Just watch out for Chad, he's definitely on some high-octane ED meds and stays hard most of the cruise.  He'll do you four or five times if you let him.  Other than that, it's just a bunch of guys that love to be naked and fuck each other," he answered as he stood.It was six-thirty, so Grandpa got up and headed down to the deck, with me following close behind.  We walked to the port aft, where we were tied closest as he told everyone to come aboard.  We went through the introductions again as I gathered their belongings to store below.  With Bob, Chad, Chuck, and Bill already here, we were just waiting on Perry and Ian.  Grandpa had already told Mike that he could stay, but that he needed to give everyone else their time with me first.I got all their stuff stowed below deck and came back up with a cooler of beer.  It was a little early, in my book, to start drinking, but it was Saturday to these guys, and I wasn't going to judge.  It was ten minutes before seven when Grandpa's phone rang.  It was Perry, and he was bowing out due to illness.  We all kept an eye on the parking lot to see if we could spot Ian.  I kept one eye on the clock in the cabin and the other on the pier.  Grandpa finally called seven am, and I made my way to the lines to set us free.After I removed the last rope, I heard some yelling over the sound of the engines.  I turned to see Ian running down the pier just in time.  I'd already dropped the rope, but Grandpa hadn't started pulling out yet, so Ian jumped the three-foot gap just in time.  Ian stumbled as he came past me, so I grabbed his arm to slow him down.  My efforts spun us both around and left us lying on the deck with me on top of him.  We were both laughing excitedly as the others came over to see if we were alright.Mike helped me up, and I, in turn, helped Ian up.  There was what would have been an awkward moment for most. But given my sexual freedom on this boat was very erotic.  As I pulled Ian up, his face bumped my already hardening cock, and I moaned a 'more.'  He paused at groin level and lightly bit the outline of my swollen pole a couple of times.  The others didn't see his actions and thought that he needed help getting up.  With that thought in mind, they grabbed his arms and pulled him to his feet.Ian was a good four inches taller than me, and I looked up at him as he held out his hand while saying, "Hi, I'm Ian.  I'm guessing that you're the famous Stevie who is taking this town by storm."I blushed a little at his last comment before taking his hand and saying, "Hi Ian,  Yes, I am Steve, and I would love to take you below and have my way with you."Now it was Ian blushing as I continued to hold his hand.  He mumbled in a questioning manner, "Shouldn't we do a little fishing first?" as he tried to remove his hand from mine casually.I was giving him the full-court press because Grandpa said that he needed some attention.  As he continued to try to remove his hand from mine, I offered, "Okay, why don't you help me bring the poles up from down below," as I released his hand.  I motioned for him to lead the way and studied his cute little ass as we made our way below deck.  Once we passed the galley, Ian bent over to access the storage compartments under the seating.  With him in that position, I couldn't resist palming both of his cheeks.  He did jump a little at first, but I think he suspected that I would try something because he never stood up.  I took his lack of response as an invitation and pulled his shorts and underwear down past his knees.  I knelt and spread his cheeks so that I could admire his pristine pucker.  I lazily ran my tongue all around it as he began to whimper softly. When I started to focus on the entrance, his soft cry's turned to moans.After a couple more minutes, my tongue was working deep inside his rectal cavity.  He suddenly stood up and grabbed my arm, then pulled me into the bedroom as he stepped out of his shorts and undies along the way.  Ian flopped face-down on the bed and spread his legs as wide as they would go.  I stripped naked before moving my face into his back door.  I started up where I had left off before.  I worked on his hole for another few minutes while slowly inserting my fingers until I was pumping three without too much resistance.  All this time, the only sounds that came from Ian were moans, he never spoke.When I was sure that he was ready, I moved into position and worked my rigid prick into his compact rectum.  Once I was bottoming out on every stroke, Ian's moans turned to grunts and cuss-words.  As I picked up the pace, his cuss-words turned into encouragement.  He kept grunting, "Faster... harder... Yes, like that!"I could tell that he was getting close to cumming, and I kept going the way he asked.  As Ian reached his peak, so did his foul language.  His powerful anal contractions pushed me over the edge, too, and I filled his tight hole with my warm spunk.  My orgasm seemed to extend his as he thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of my hot seed filling his ass, and told me so.We lay there for a few minutes with my shrinking cock still inside him.  Ian turned his head toward me, and I kissed him gently.  He reacted by kissing me back, and we swapped tongues until both of our necks were wrenched from the awkward posi
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tion.  It was clear that we both wanted to continue our make-out session, so I slipped from his slick hole.  Ian quickly rolled onto his back, and I moved on top of him for and sucked his nipples.As I administered some loving nibbles and licks to his hardened nubs, I noticed just how in-shape he was.  It was clear that he was as old as the others from looking at his face, but he kept his body in spectacular shape.  After teasing his nipples, I moved up to his face, and we kissed tenderly.  Ian let his hands wander and squeezed and caressed my ass as our growing cocks rubbed together.Ian asked, "Can I return the favor and pleasure your rear entrance as well?""Later," I replied, then added, "Now it's all about you."  I moved down his body and took that monster cock into my mouth for a little oral bath.  It continued to grow until I was having a difficult time stretching my lips around its girth.  When I could no longer accommodate it in my mouth, I slid down further to coat his sack in my saliva.  Ian seemed to be enjoying my attentions as his moans began anew.  I pushed his legs back toward his chest and moved toward his leaking hole for another rimming.  With my tongue easily slipping inside his anal cavity now, Ian began his cussing again.When he spouted out, "Fuck me, please!" I moved up and slipped quickly inside.  With his legs over my shoulders, I was pounding him deeply while tweaking his nipples.  In between his shouts of, "O God, that feels fucking fantastic!" Ian began to shudder.  I grabbed his python of a cock and stroked it lightly while making a circle with just two fingers.  As Ian headed over the edge, he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for some deep frenching.He shot his warm cum all over both of our bellies as I continued to slip in and out of his contracting hole.  In the aftermath of his second orgasm, Ian enjoyed the feeling of my stiff pole in his warm slick entrance.  As our kissing slowed, he acknowledged, "That was the best anyone has made me feel in a very long time. Thank you, Steve!""You are very welcome," I responded.  We made out a little longer while I continued to leisurely pump his sloppy hole.  When were heard the engines slow, I said, "Well, it's time to get to work."  Ian released me, and I slowly withdrew from his well-formed body.  I grabbed my clothes and headed into the bathroom for a quick cleanup.  Afterward, I donned my green and yellow polka-dot thong suit before heading topside with the fishing gear.The others seemed glad to see me, as many of them were already nude.  As I laid the fishing gear down, several of the guys approached me about going below for a four-way.  I grabbed a couple of them by their cocks and pulled them toward the stairs.  We crossed paths with Ian, and he smiled as he saw my hands full of cock.  Once we made it into the bedroom, Chad grabbed my speedo and pulled it off.  I hopped on the bed on all fours and let them decide who would go first.  Bill made his way around to my mouth and presented his cock.  I lapped at it as I felt some fingers probing my pre-lubricated anus.  I looked back to see Chad pressing his six-incher into my needy hole.  Chuck moved underneath me and sucked on my nipples while he fondled my hairless scrotum.  Once Chad was plunging in and out of me, I sucked Bill's fat five-incher into my mouth.  I'd have to keep his in mind for a prequel to Ian's monster.  Chad may have the eternal hard-on, but he sure didn't last long on his first time up.  As he grunted through his first cum, I was just beginning to enjoy it.  Fortunately, when Chad withdrew, Chuck moved out from under me and took his place.  Chuck took his time sliding in and felt a good bit larger than Chad, both in girth and length.With Chuck and Bill, I got into a nice rhythm and was enjoying myself.  Chad was sitting on the edge of the bed watching us when Bill said, "Why don't you get underneath and give Steve a nice blowjob while you're waiting."Chad seemed more like Mike from Tuesday, in that he was a fuck-only kind of guy.  His hesitation in joining us for a little fellatio was the give-away.  I didn't care either way since I enjoyed the penetration more than anything else.  Chuck spoke up and said, "If you're not going to join in, then go get Bob.  He loves to suck and swallow."Chad never replied but did as Chuck commanded and headed topside.  With just the three of us there and relaxed, I was able to get Bill much closer by slipping a finger into his tight little rosebud.  Chuck was also getting close as his pace had increased dramatically.  He was filling me up quite well, and the resulting friction had me dripping almost constantly.  Bill was making some sort of grunting/whining noise, and I took that to mean he was close.  I pushed my finger in all the way and rubbed his prostate as he shuddered and began spurting his hot fluids into my mouth.  Once he was done shooting, he pulled away and slid under me to return the favor.Looking under myself, I saw Bill lapping away at the puddle of my semen that had formed on the comforter.  When he got all he could, Bill sucked my cock into his mouth just as Bob and Chad appeared.  Both of them here naked and sporting wood, so I asked, "Who wants some head?"Bob was in the lead and stepped right up, and I took him all the way in the first time.  He wasn't too thick, but just long enough for the head to enter my throat.  I began plunging back and forth, giving him all I had as I felt my release closing.  Chuck was giving me a good hard pounding and was very close himself from the muffled groans and the now sporadic pumping.  My climax hit me hard as Bill sucked me deep into his throat through my eruptions.  I don't know whether my contractions sped up Chuck's peak, but it couldn't have been a coincidence.   He began filling my ass while I was releasing the last of mine into Bill's throat.With my orgasm complete, I focused my full attention on Bob's pulsing cock.  I gently squeezed his hanging scrotum as his fingers were wrapped within my hair.  I had been doing most of the moving up to this point, but Bob started to take over as he closed in on his first cum.  He started speeding up until his one last push sent him over the edge.  Bob filled my open throat with his warm seed, and I swallowed it all.  In the aftermath of all of our orgasms, everyone just stayed in place, and I enjoyed the full feeling.I sucked and licked on Bob's shrinking member as Bill did on mine.  Chuck kept a slow and easy penetration of my leaking ass with his half-hard penis as well.  Chad stood there like a child waiting for his turn, but no one was rushing to vacate their spot in our enjoyable four-way.After a few more minutes, Bob finally pulled away from my mouth, and I turned to ask Chad, "Are you interested in a blowjob?" Chad shook his head in declination, so I pulled on Bill's leg to move him into a sixty-nine.  Chuck's cock finally softened to the point that he couldn't keep it in my slippery hole, so he backed away as well.  As Bob and Chuck headed topside, Chad asked, "May I have another go at that hot little ass of yours?"  I gave him a thumbs-up as I didn't want to release Bill's stiffening stump from my mouth.  Chad moved in, and I could barely feel his penetration between his smaller size and the slickness of my backside.  That didn't deter him, though, and he quickly accelerated into a youthful hammering of my wanton hole.As Bill and I were enjoying fellating each other, with Chad going at it like a rabid rabbit, in walked Mike.  With Chad still banging away, he asked, "Is anyone interested in a little of this?" as he slowly stroked his petrified wood.  Bill began spreading his legs, and Mike took that as an invitation since his mouth was busy on me.  Mike applied a little lube onto Bill's pucker and started fingering him into looseness.  Bill seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the application as his cock grew significantly in my mouth.  I had a front-row seat as I watched Mike go from one to three fingers in the following minutes.With a final dose of lubrication, Mike slid his bulbous head into Bill's restrictive tunnel.  It took Mike a good minute or two of slowly plying Bill open before he finally bottomed out.  I could feel Bill's cock pulsing in my mouth and eased my friction to keep him from cumming too soon.  All the while, Chad was still pounding away at my dilated hole and finally seemed to be approaching his second crest of the day. After several more thrusts, he finally slammed in one last time and emptied his load.  Once he was done, Chad pulled out and let a significant stream of fluids run down my balls right into Bill's appreciative mouth.With Chad leaving the room, I was beginning to think that I might be able to get back to the upper deck before this cruise was over. Unbeknownst to me, Mike had other ideas and was toying with Bill until he came, and left, so that Mike could have me to himself. To be continued...

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